Sunday, November 24, 2013

This is my life

This is my story.

And how i ended up with him.

I am a sort of “kampung girl” which own a family that hold an ‘adat’ strictly but not too much.

I have a younger sister, she is 2 years apart of me.
And what is special about her?
She weds earlier.
Too earlier even when i dont have any boyfriend.

Village folks used to say this, if the older sister does not weds yet, dont even dream of getting married.
This is a saying of if the younger weds first, then the older will become hardly to get marry someday.
Or in strong words, it is “TAK LAKU”.

So, i said, this is just ridiculous. If she want to get marry, then go on.
But my mom worries too much. She even head to my older sister and ask her to find a boyfriend for me

Mom said, she likes these guys, A and B. A is 26 and B is 24.
i am 22.
Older than me.

She preffered A because he is working, nice, but sadly, i chose B. B is my good friend.

I preffered someone i know.

Sometimes i think, do i choose him because i like him or i was forced to?

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Ana AuNi said...

last2 kau kau kawen dgn B kn? haha